Calefra: Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Calefra Services is a fully compliant BEE company that strives for service excellence at the highest quality available and at the best possible price.

Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to put our clients needs first and to give them the highest quality service possible, by:

  • providing the correct item ordered the first time round
  • producing the goods before deadlines given by the client
  • ensuring the client is happy at all times, with the service, price and most of all, the order

Our Business Concept

We maintain that the key to maintaining existing clients and obtaining new clients is through top and reliable service. To do this we strive to:

  • ensure good communication between us and our client
  • strive for a hassle free work relationship
  • satisfy the clients needs by using fresh, modern and meaningful designs that will enhance the clients goals
  • ensuring we have well trained and educated staff, and equiping them with the tools necessary to fulfil these needs

Resource Requirements

As our business is labour intensive, we understand that our staff are our most important resource. We strive to ensure “the best person for the job” is available at all times. We are continuously assessing and training our team as we believe that through empowerment we achieve a work ethic and pride in what we do.

Through continuous training we ensure that safety and quality is our priority in meeting our clients expectations.

Calefra Team

Calefra Services is led by a very capable team who strive for excellence in all we do. From our applicators to our design team, our administration and management, our focus and goal is to provide the best possible service and quality available.

Operating with a staff compliment of 19 qualified people, and with 5 vehicles on the road, we are capable of handling whatever the job requirements are to satisfy our clients needs. —Alister Franz, MD

Looking Ahead

Through dedication and commitment, our long term goal is to maintain our service and quality, and ensuring we meet client expectations.

We are constantly reviewing opportunities to expand our offering, striving to provide a comprehensive range of products that are meaningful and useful.

Calefra BEE Verification Certificate


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