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Market Leaders

Calefra IT Services specialize in the development of software in various languages, our main one being PHP.

Software Applications streamline and enhance business processes, ultimately ensuring companies perform efficiently and productively.

We ensure data is being captured correctly, business processes are followed correctly and important/critical data is never lost again.

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Custom Software

Off-the-shelf package software can often cost more money and take more of your time to implement.

You will also have a heavy overhead of extra features that you don’t require, while there are one or two features missing that you really need.

We custom build everything from start to finish, ensuring you are a part of every step of the process.

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Enhanced Workflow

We spend up to 2 weeks speaking to staff on the ground, learning as much as possible how they function, what pain points exist, to better understand how to enhance the flow of work.

Custom application software will allow you to futureproof your business. It will scale and change with you as your needs change.

We can update the software at any given time and enhance features and functionality as the needs arise within your business and ensure you can gain the maximum potential from your systems.

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Full Integration

Calefra IT Services deals with all types of software and applications and we also integrate into a number of different accounting systems such as Pastel and QuickBooks using web services and APIs which we either custom design or use existing technology.

We have designed a number of different Applications for various clients. Below are some of the DEMO Apps we have available for you to test out and enjoy, giving you some insight to what can be achieved and the impact these apps can have on your business.

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Mobile stock management

We offer a fully integrated end-to-end mobile stock management system that scales with you as your company expands.

Promotional Products Ordering

We offer fully integrated end-to-end promotional products ordering systems that scale beautifully across all applications.

Mobile Rental Management

Custom applications are designed for any industry,.

Recruitment Management

Custom applications are designed for any industry,.

Logistics Companies
Sports and Fitness
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Fitness & health

Custom applications are designed for any industry,.

Logistics Companies - copy

Custom applications are designed for any industry,.