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Software Development

Calefra IT Services deals with all types of software applications designed to integrate into a number of different accounting systems such as Pastel and QuickBooks using web services and APIs which we either custom design or use existing technology.

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We are constantly striving to put our clients needs first, providing the highest quality service possible at all times.

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We believe in accurately interpreting client requirements, adhering to strict delivery deadlines, while offering memorable service.

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Calefra Group is made up of a top designing team, backed by highly efficient applicators, with an outstanding sales team and administration.

Calefra Richards Bay Corporate Clothing
We believe in providing the best products for your brand to tell its story, offering quality, service and competitive pricing.
Calefra Richards Bay Corporate Gifting
Making your brand stand out is not about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

Calefra Richards Bay Overalls
BARRON D59 SABS flame and acid retardant Conti Trouser 300g 100% Cotton with protective tape.
Signage & Event Branding
Calefra Richards Bay Signage
Calefra has become one of the leading providers of sign products and services on the North Coast.
Calefra Richards Bay Expo
Event branding is about capturing the essence of your brand, and making a statement.
Calefra Richards Bay Canvas
Displaying art is a time honored tradition, get photos & art printed directly onto real canvas, ready to hang.
Corporate Clothing & Gifting
Calefra Richards Bay Ads
With our tried and tested mobile advertising, we will make sure that you get the most out of every campaign.
Calefra Richards Bay Engineering
Making your brand stand out is not about what you say, it’s about how you say it.

Calefra Richards Bay WCS
Specialists in refurbishing and manufacturing for the woodchipping sector.
Specialist Products & Services
Calefra Richards Bay Road Marking Paint Plascon
Plascon Road Marking Paint has been formulated with a special synthetic alkyd binders and Chlorinated Rubber Resin which dry rapidly and gives maximum resistance to wear and weather.
Calefra Richards Bay Traffic Safety Systems
Next generation radar speed signs use unique optical technology to display the speed of approaching vehicles, proven to slow traffic on local roads and in school zones.
Mobile Advertising & Engineering
LRPS Pre School Rascals Richards Bay
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At LRPS we offer quality, affordable education starting from age 3-months through to Grade-R. Our school hours are from 6am through to 6pm as required.

Calefra Richards Bay Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue
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Request a copy of our product catalogues and guides and we will ship it off to you.

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Calefra Group of Companies BEE Compliant

Calefra is a BEE compliant company. We are continuously striving for service excellence at the highest quality available, whilst at the same time ensuring our community engagement allows us to give back to the community.

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WE ARE YOUR PRODUCT & SERVICE PROVIDER - committed to excellence and dedicated to complete project fulfillment.

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Unit 4 Ceramic Park, 20 Ceramic Curve Alton, Richards Bay ( Head Office)

035-751 2372 or 035-751 2373 or 035-751 2365

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